So here’s a bizarre true story. When Al and I were sailing we made friends with plenty of other sailors and have kept in touch with some of them. Our former sailing friends and marina neighbors, Beth and John, now live in western North Carolina and while we in their neck of the woods, so to speak, we arranged to meet up with them for lunch. My brother and his wife went with us and we all had a fine time.

A lot of our conversation centered around our boating days, great memories and funny incidents. I couldn’t recall the name of Beth and John’s boat, so I asked and when Beth told me the┬áname it brought on another flood of associations.

Later that afternoon, back at my brother’s house, he was helping me set up this website and showing me how to insert photos. We were using his computer, so I said, “Just pick any photo, it doesn’t matter which one, to demonstrate the process.” He opened his photo files and I saw a folder named “Florida” and I asked him to pick one from that folder. He opened the folder, scanned through the photos and picked one at random for us to post.

As my brother explained how to post the photo he cropped it. It’s a photo of a sailboat at anchor in the Little Shark River, shown above. When the name of the boat came into focus I could not believe my eyes, and nearly fell off my chair. There in the photo is Up Jinks, the boat owned by our friends Beth and John, with whom we had lunch earlier in the day.

Whoa… it was too weird! By sheer coincidence, my brother was anchored in his boat at the same place, the same time as our friends on Up Jinks, and he just happened to take this photo. Then, in further weirdness, he randomly chose this photo for us to work with for my website. Is that bizarre or what?!

I do believe there is a universal law of attraction that governs much of what we do. I think we were subconsciously attracted to that photo of Up Jinks precisely because we were with Beth and John that day.

What do you think?

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